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London to Paris Train Information

Avg. Train Duration2h 18m
Trains arrive inParis
Trains depart fromLondon
Train Ticket Price$ 71.94
Distance344 km
Train Companies
  • Eurostar

What train companies travel from London to Paris

Many companies operate modern fleets with comfortable, reclining seats, wifi and air-conditioning. Compare the services available.

What's on board Eurostar trains?

  • Power Outlet

  • Wifi

  • Refreshments

  • Mobile Tickets

  • Pets

  • WC

  • Seat Reservation

  • ID Required

  • Allows Bicycles

Further facilities and services may vary according to the transport company and country of operation.

What do I need to know about travelling on Eurostar trains?

    No, children under 4 years old do not need a ticket on Eurostar trains if the child sits on an adult's lap. A child's ticket should be purchased if a seat is needed.

    Check-in is required for all Eurostar trains. Standard, Standard Premier, and Eurostar carte classique travellers must check-in at least 30 minutes before departure. Business Premier and Eurostar carte blanche travellers must check-in at least 10 minutes before departure. Large groups of 10 or more and all travellers on ski trains must check-in at least 1 hour before departure. Travellers who require assistance should add 30 minutes on top of their normal check-in time.

    Eurostar offers Standard, Standard Premier, and Business Premier ticket classes.

Trains from London to Paris

Trains in Europe are an affordable and efficient way to travel between cities, with a number of rail companies offering both domestic and international routes. The Eurostar train from London to Paris is one of most popular train routes in the world with over 10 million passengers crossing the English channel annually. Eurostar trains are the best way to travel through the chunnel from London to Paris. The fastest Eurostar trains for this route takes approximately 2 hours and 16 minutes to arrive in Paris. The London to Paris Eurostar train also has cafe, bar, and buffet services on board for your comfort and convenience. 

Trains from London to Paris depart numerous times per day making it easy to select a departure time that fits your travel schedule. From Monday to Friday the first train travelling through the Chunnel from London to Paris departs at 5:40 a.m. with further trains departing between 30 minute and 1½ hour intervals throughout the day until the final train at 8:20 p.m. On weekends the Chunnel train timetable differs slightly. On Saturday the first train departs London at 6:18 a.m. with the last train at 8:01 p.m., while on Sunday the first train departs London at 8:19 a.m. with the last train departing at 8:31 p.m. On both days trains again depart between 30 minute and 1½ hour intervals throughout the day.

London to Paris trains: Not what you're looking for?

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London to Paris Train Cost

Average prices for Eurostar trains from London to Paris when you book in advance

Booking Period

Average Price

Same Day


1 Day in Advance


1 Week in Advance


2 Weeks in Advance


1 Month in Advance


3 Months in Advance


London to Paris Trains: General Information

While it may be cheaper to book a last-minute budget airline ticket from London to Paris, the train offers a far quicker and more convenient alternative (when you factor in check-in and time spent at the airport). Travelers can offset some of the cost of Eurostar train tickets by planning ahead and booking tickets as far in advance as possible.

  • autobus All London to Paris trains are run by Eurostar.
  • autobus All Eurostar trains are direct, depart from London's St Pancras train station and arrive at Paris' Gare du Nord.
  • autobus Trains from London to Paris take as little as 2 hours and 16 minutes to arrive in Paris.
  • autobus Most travelers book their London to Paris train tickets  at least 1 day in advance of the travel date.

Based on GoEuro's travel data, as the table above clearly illustrates, ticket prices on Eurostar London to Paris trains decrease the further they are booked in advance:

  • It is 18% cheaper to book a London to Paris train a day ahead of time rather than purchasing a ticket at the station.
  • It is 35% cheaper to book a Eurostar train ticket 1 week in advance as opposed to the day you intend to travel.
  • Finally, London to Paris train costs are 58% cheaper when booked 1 month in advance as opposed to purchasing a train ticket on the day of departure.

London to Paris Eurostar Train Schedule

Departure Time

Departure Station

Arrival Station

Journey Time

5:40 a.m.

London St Pancras

Paris Gare du Nord

2:52 h

7:01 a.m.

London St Pancras

Paris Gare du Nord

2:25 h

7:55 a.m.

London St Pancras

Paris Gare du Nord

2:29 h

9:24 a.m.

London St Pancras

Paris Gare du Nord

2:32 h

10:24 a.m.

London St Pancras

Paris Gare du Nord

2:35 h

12:24 p.m.

London St Pancras

Paris Gare du Nord

2:32 h

2:22 p.m.

London St Pancras

Paris Gare du Nord

2:31 h

3:31 p.m.

London St Pancras

Paris Gare du Nord

2:28 h

4:31 p.m.

London St Pancras

Paris Gare du Nord

2:28 h

5:31 p.m.

London St Pancras

Paris Gare du Nord

2:28 h

6:01 p.m.

London St Pancras

Paris Gare du Nord

2:31 h

6:31 p.m.

London St Pancras

Paris Gare du Nord

2:22 h

7:25 p.m.

London St Pancras

Paris Gare du Nord

2:43 h

The Eurostar Experience 

"I have traveled between London and Paris many times – I worked in Paris during university and my best friend lives there, so I’m always up for a visit. Eurostar is incredibly convenient for me, as a Londoner who hates flying. I love the fact that I can take full-size toiletries and a large suitcase, without having to wait to collect my baggage at the other end. Also, I find daydreaming as I gaze out of a train window so relaxing!"

"Traveling on the Eurostar is always something I look forward to – not just because of the destination, but the journey too. I’ve spent many an hour on the Eurostar chatting to old Parisian ladies in French (back when my language skills were up to scratch), sipping cheeky gin and tonics with my gal pals, and getting lost in a good book as the countryside whizzes by my window."

Emma Sparks, Deputy Editor at

At GoEuro we want to make traveling as fun and as stress-free as possible. That's why we teamed up with travel expert Emma Sparks to see what it's like to travel between London to Paris by train. Read more about her experience traveling on the Eurostar.

FAQ about taking the Eurostar from London to Paris


 Purchasing Eurostar Tickets

  • Where can Eurostar tickets be purchased? On the Eurostar website, or here with GoEuro, online or with the App. The Eurostar ticket office is open Monday to Friday - 4:45 a.m. until 10:00 p.m., Saturday - 5:30 a.m. until 10:00 p.m., Sunday and Bank Holidays - 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
  • Purchasing ahead of time: Tickets are available for purchase up to 180 days in advance. Generally, the sooner you book, the cheaper your ticket (£29 each way is the lowest price available) although sometimes Eurostar will release extra tickets at bargain prices.
  • Round trip tickets: It is often cheaper to purchase a return ticket with Eurostar – although international customers may find otherwise, due to the competitive market outside of the UK. It is always worth checking both options before making your purchase.
  • Eurostar ticket types: There are three classes of Eurostar ticket: Standard, Standard Premier, and Business Premier. Besides the Standard benefits (two pieces of luggage plus one hand luggage, easy check-in and an onboard cafe), Standard Premier customers enjoy complimentary magazines and a light meal, plus extra space and comfort. Business travelers may travel at any time, with no charge for switching, and are offered high-quality meals, plus access to exclusive lounges and taxi booking services.
  • Eurostar timetable: You can find and download the latest Eurostar timetable at Alternatively, search for specific dates to see the timetable for your chosen travel dates. Eurostar no longer print timetables, to help protect the environment. You’ll also find arrival and departure information on boards at each Eurostar station.

 Checking In

  • Where to check-in: Travelers check-in with the Eurostar on the lower level of St. Pancras train station in London.
  • Reserving a seat: You may choose your seat when you book or change it later by calling Eurostar customer service or logging in and managing your booking online (subject to availability). If you do not choose a seat, one will automatically be assigned at the point of booking. Pairs and groups will generally be seated as close to each other as possible.
  • Arriving ahead of time: Standard ticket holders should aim to arrive at least 45 minutes in advance (or an hour if you’re part of a group)— consider giving yourself extra time when traveling during busy holiday periods or peak times like on weekends. Check-in closes 30 minutes before departure. If you need extra assistance, arrive at least 75 minutes in advance. Business-class travelers can enjoy a swift check-in just 10 minutes before departure.
  • The process itself: Taking the Eurostar does involve a check-in process. First, you’ll be required to head through electronic gates, which open when you present the QR code on your ticket (on a phone screen or printed ticket). Next, you’ll put your bags through a scanner, just like you would at an airport. Finally, your passport is checked by both British and French authorities— this means you can depart swiftly when you reach your final destination. A valid passport or a national identity card (for EEA citizens and Swiss nationals) is required for boarding the Eurostar. If you are married but your passport only has your maiden name, then it may be best to bring a copy of your marriage certificate when you're checking-in.
  • If you miss the train: If you miss a train due to delays with connecting trains, you will usually be accepted onto the next train available (if you show your travel tickets). Just report to the customer service desk upon arrival. If you miss a train due to unforeseen circumstances or personal error, Eurostar is not legally obliged to replace your ticket. However, staff are obliging and will usually do their best to help you if they possibly can (and if you give them a big smile!)


  • Extra Assistance: If you have special travel needs, it’s best to call Eurostar in advance to let them know. They can provide wheelchairs for people with mobility issues and accompany passengers to the train. They can even arrange to have your luggage put on the train for you. Generally, you’ll be asked to arrive 75 minutes before departure so they can provide this service properly. Unfortunately, they cannot assist with connecting journeys but are able to help point you in the right direction when it comes to arranging extra help.
  • Handicap Access: Each Eurostar train guarantees space for 2 wheelchairs (soon to be 4, once all trains are updated) and tickets are fixed at the lowest Standard price. Passengers with a wheelchair user fare will be served a meal at their seat and may bring a travel companion at a reduced rate.
  • Guide Dogs: Registered guide or assistance dogs may be taken on Eurostar trains— but you must notify the company while booking, and bring any necessary paperwork.

 Traveling with Children

  • Children: There are no specific family facilities, but baby-changing facilities and pram-friendly luggage racks are found throughout Eurostar trains. Children under the age of 4 can travel for free if they sit on an accompanying adult’s lap. Children and babies must have their own valid travel documentation while traveling on the Eurostar.
  • Large Groups: Groups of over 9 people may be eligible for discounted tickets, and meal services may be arranged in advance. Contact Eurostar's customer service for more details.

 Food and Drink

  • Food: If you want to take snacks for the journey, you can. While the official Eurostar rules prohibit meat, fish, and dairy products, they won’t confiscate your ham and cheese sandwich (and they’re unlikely to bat an eyelid at the French Brie in your suitcase - just don’t stink up the carriage!).
  • Drink: There are no restrictions on liquids either, although the amount of alcohol you can take is limited to 12 cans of beer, 6 bottles of wine, or 3 bottles of spirits per traveler.
  • At the station: Both St. Pancras and Gare du Nord are packed with cafes and shops and beyond the check-in point you’ll find a handful of outlets for that last-minute coffee/chocolate bar. Every Eurostar train has an onboard bar buffet where you can buy refreshments such as hot drinks, sandwiches, and snacks.

Traveling with Pets

  • Pets are not allowed on Eurostar trains except for guide dogs with the proper paperwork.

 WiFi and Other Services

  • WiFi: The older, original Eurostar trains do not have WiFi, but more and more new trains are being added to the fleet so you have a good chance of traveling on a WiFi ready train. The WiFi onboard relies on 3G and 4G signals, so may drop out from time to time, but is mostly pretty reliable. When you log in on your device, you’ll be taken to Eurostar’s entertainment hub, where you’ll find TV shows, movies, games and more.
  • Air Conditioning: All Eurostar trains are fully equipped with air-conditioning.
  • Seats: Both the older trains and the refurbished models have exceptionally comfortable yet simple seats with retractable armrests. There are fold-down tables at every seat.
  • Leg Room: Standard seats have generous legroom– but if you’re concerned, opt for the slightly more spacious Standard Premier or Business classes. Table seats (four seats around a static table) may seem more restrictive when it comes to legroom, but can be convenient when traveling as a group.


  • Luggage: Luggage allowance depends on ticket type: 2 pieces of checked luggage plus 1 piece of hand luggage with a Standard adult ticket; 3 pieces of checked luggage and 1 piece of hand luggage with a Business Premier ticket; 1 piece of checked luggage and 1 piece of hand luggage for children. If you’d like to take extra items, or certain special items (like large musical instruments or bikes that do not fold) you’ll need to pay extra and arrange the details with Eurodespatch.
  • Prohibited items: No firearms, no furniture, and no World War relics (more popular as a souvenir than you might think!). Eurostar is pretty flexible on the rest. Most items that are prohibited on airplanes are also not allowed on the Eurostar.

Taking the train from London to Paris: Train Station Information


London St Pancras Train Station Information

  • Address: Euston Rd, Kings Cross, London N1C 4QP, UK.
  • Opening hours: 12:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.
  • Connecting buses: 10, 73, 46, 214.
  • Metro lines: Victoria-Blue Line, Northern Line, Bakerloo line, Piccadilly line, Hammersmith City Line, Circle Line, Metropolitan Line.
  • National lines: East Midlands Trains operate connecting trains to St. Pancras International from Sheffield and Leicester.

Eurostar trains from London to Paris all depart from St. Pancras International close to London's city center. It's easy to reach the station from any part of London thanks to excellent links on London Underground which sees Northern, Bakerloo, Piccadilly, Victoria, Hammersmith & City and District and Circle line trains stopping at Kings Cross/St. Pancras. Local buses also serve the station, including the 10 and 73 from the West End and there are night buses all through the night. Taxis will also take passengers to the station from any part of London.


Paris Gare du Nord Train Station Information

  • Address: 18 Rue de Dunkerque, 75010 Paris, France.
  • Opening hours: 5:00 a.m. - 1:00 a.m.
  • Connecting buses: 1, 14.
  • Metro lines: Line 4, Line 5, and Line 2.
  • National lines: Line A serves as a direct route to Disneyland Paris. Line D serves as a quick route to Gare de Lyon.

The Eurostar to Paris arrives at the Gare du Nord station in the heart of the French capital. It's easy to get to any area of Paris by metro and the Gare du Nord metro station is the city's busiest with both the 4 and 5 line trains stopping regularly. Buses also depart for all areas of the city and the Noctilien night bus service covers all the main stations, including Gare du Nord. Taxis are readily available from the station concourse and can whisk travelers to any destination.

Trains from London to Paris: Onwards travel information


With 9 train stations located in Paris, the French capital is a major travel hub for passengers traveling throughout Europe. Trains to Paris offer further routes to European cities including Brussels, Lille, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Marseille, and Lyon. It is important for those changing trains in Paris to check if their connecting train is departing from a different train station.

Passengers traveling to Charles de Gaulle airport or Orly airport and arriving at Gare du Nord will be able to take the RER regional train (Line B). Passengers traveling to Beauvais airport will need to make their way to Metro line 1 to Porte Maillot train station and catch the connecting shuttle bus. Each shuttle bus departs two hours before each scheduled flight. For more information on the bus timetables, you can find it on the Beauvais Airport website.

How to travel to Disneyland Paris? Gare du Nord offers a direct train to Disneyland Paris. Passengers should take the RER Line A from beneath the station in the direction of St-Mandé.

Chunnel London to Paris

The tunnel under the English Channel, colloquially known as the ‘Chunnel’, connects the United Kingdom and France by underground rail. Two types of trains run through the Chunnel, the Eurostar train, which transports passengers only, and the Eurotunnel Shuttle, which transports vehicles and their passengers.

The Eurostar train is a fantastic way to move between the United Kingdom and France. With a train that reaches 200 mph the most popular route between London and Paris takes just 2 hours and 16 minutes. Other key stations on the route include Ashford, Ebbsfleet in England; Brussels in Belgium; and Lille, Euro Disney Paris, and Avignon in France.

The Eurotunnel Shuttle tunnel runs between Folkestone in the United Kingdom and Calais in France and allows travelers moving by car to simply drive on board the shuttle train and drive off to disembark. The trip takes just over 35 minutes, making it much faster than the ferry, plus the usual cost is around £49 including all vehicle passengers. Note that cars and other vehicles cannot be driven through the Chunnel.

The Chunnel itself is 31.4 miles long and at its lowest point it reaches a mighty 250 ft deep. Having begun construction in 1988 the Chunnel opened in 1994 but cost a whopping £4.65 billion upon completion, 80% over budget.

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