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Thalys is an international train company co-owned between France and Belgium. Thalys trains usually travel between European countries to major cities in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

  • Quick Booking: You can book your Thalys train ticket online with the GoEuro website or app. GoEuro lets you travel anywhere in Europe – even small towns and villages. Search, compare, and book with GoEuro and receive a mobile ticket directly on your smartphone.
  • Price Comparison: You can compare Thalys train tickets with dozens of other European train companies including Deutsche Bahn, Renfe, Trenitalia, and SNCF. GoEuro also allows you to travel in 1st or 2nd class and use all Thalys discount cards when booking train tickets.
  • Travel Comparison: With GoEuro, you can also compare Thalys train tickets with over 300 transport companies to find the best way to travel in Europe. See Thalys train schedules in real time and compare traveling by train with taking a bus or flight all on one page.
  • Customer Service: If you have questions about Thalys routes or wish to cancel or modify your Thalys train ticket, GoEuro's customer service team will be pleased to assist you in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, or Dutch.


Thalys Trains: Real-Time Information

For real-time news about Thalys trains, check out their twitter feed. To change or cancel your Thalys train ticket you can contact GoEuro's customer service, or you can contact Thalys directly via their twitter @thalys_en.


Thalys Train Routes


Thalys FAQ

Thalys Train Tickets - Where can Thalys train tickets be purchased?

  • Directly at the train station
  • Buy Thalys tickets in advance on GoEuro or the Thalys website
  • Buy your Thalys tickets anywhere with the GoEuro app

Thalys Train Tickets - What types of Thalys tickets are available?

  • Economy Ticket: Thalys' Economy Tickets are neither exchangable nor refundable and only apply to Thalys Comfort 2 (2nd Class) travel. The further you buy economy tickets in advance, the cheaper these train tickets will be.
  • Semi-Flexible Ticket: Thalys' Semi-Flexible Tickets are exchangeable until the day before departure free of charge. Semi-Flexible Tickets are 50% refundable up until 1 hour before departure at the train station. Semi-Flexible Tickets can be purchased for Thalys Comfort 1 and 2 (1st and 2nd class) tickets.
  • Flexible Ticket: Thalys' Flexible Tickets are exchangable until departure. Flexible Tickets are also able to be cancelled at any time for a small cancellation fee (5% of the train ticket price). Flexible Tickets are purchased for Thalys Comfort 1 (1st class) travel. Thalys Comfort 1 includes free multilingual entertainment, on-board catering, and WiFi.

Thalys Train Tickets - What discounts are available for Thalys trains?

  • Youth Discount Card: This Thalys discount card allowspeople under the age of 26 to take advantage of fixed prices on all journeys in Thalys Comfort 1 and 2. These tickets are exchangeable once up to one hour before departure in the train station. Tickets purchased with the Youth Discount Card are 100% refundable before departure.
  • Senior Discount Card: This Thalys discount card allows passengers over 60 years of age to have one-time fixed fares on all routes. The price of these fares depends on the route selected.
  • Traveling with a baby on Thalys trains: Children under 4 years old travel free on Thalys trains if they share a seat with an adult. All the cars are equipped with toilets, most of which also have a changing table. Strollers and prams are allowed on-board and count as hand luggage if they do not exceed 46x70 cm or 30 kg.
  • Traveling with children on Thalys trains: A child's ticket is valid for all children under 12 years old. A child's ticket is exchangable until the day before departure and 100% refundable before departure. A Thalys child's ticket can be purchased for Thalys Comfort 1 and 2.
  • Child's connection ticket: Children from 4-14 years old can purchase a Thalys Paris to Brussels train for a €59 fixed rate. Different rates for Thalys Child's connection train tickets depend on the route. Child's connection tickets are only valid for Thalys Comfort 2 class seats and are non-exchangable. Child's connection tickets are 85% refundable up to 14 days before the departure date.
  • Groups traveling on Thalys trains: "Minigroups" (3, 4, or 5 people) can recieve a preferential rate on their Thalys tickets. These tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable. There is also a different rate available for groups of more than 10 people. Any type of group is accepted and reductions can reach 50% or 70% for groups of children. Group tickets are not exchangeable or refundable.

Services on board Thalys Trains - What services are available to people with reduced mobility?

  • Handicapped Passengers: Thalys provides a special rate for travelers accompaning a person with reduced mobility. Please note that this rate is only available at the train station or a travel agency, not for online Thalys purchases.
  • Wheelchairs: Toilets on all Thalys trains are suitable for wheelchairs. Specific places for wheelchairs are also available on Thalys trains.

Luggage and Bicycles on Thalys trains

  • Luggage: Each traveler with a Thalys ticket can travel with 2 pieces of luggage no larger than 75x53x30 cm. There is no weight restriction on luggage. All special luggage is allowed as long as it fits into a 2 meter high cover.
  • Bicycles: You can take a bike on board Thalys trains as long as it is disassembled and stored in a bag no larger than 135x85x30 cm. You may also bring a suitcase no larger than 75x53x30 cm and one piece of hand luggage while traveling with a bicycle.

Traveling with pets on Thalys trains

Pets are welcome on Thalys trains. Dogs, cats, and ferrets are accepted on board; however, birds and wild animals are not allowed. Pets must not weigh more than 6 kg and must be able to travel in a container no more than 45x30x25 cm. Your animals must also have a Thalys train ticket if they exceed the weight and size limits indicated above. To find out more about train tickets for pets please visit the Thalys website.

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