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  • Power Outlet
  • Wifi
  • Refreshments
  • Media
  • AC
  • WC
  • Seat Reservation
  • Luggage
  • Allows Bicycle

Round-trips from London Starting at 66€ with Eurostar!

Book before January 21 and purchase a return day-trip from London to Paris or Brussels for as little as 66€! Travel must be before April 17 and tickets are limited so book soon to get the cheapest tickets.

Terms and Conditions

  • Tickets are limited.
  • All routes must start from London.
  • Singles tickets are not available —round trips only.
  • Return ticket must be bought for the same day.
  • Tickets must be bought before January 21.
  • Tickets are available until April 17 inclusive — please note that the 34€ fare is not available from 02.01 to 02.03 inclusive, from 02.08 to 02.10 inclusive, from 02.14 to 02.17 inclusive, from 02. 22 to 02.24 inclusive, from 03.01 to 03.01 inclusive, from 03.09 to 03.10 inclusive, from 04.05 to 04.07 inclusive and from 04.12 to 04.14 inclusive.
  • Tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

Eurostar tickets can be purchased directly with GoEuro

✓ All Eurostar tickets can be purchased directly with the GoEuro App
Eurostar Timetable Information: A concise table showing all Eurostar train times to help you book your tickets, available to download.
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About Eurostar

The Eurostar is the only high-speed train with direct routes from the UK to destinations in France and Belgium. The Eurostar connections London with Paris, Lille and Brussels and runs through the Channel Tunnel or "Chunnel" from King’s Cross St. Pancras station in London since moving from London Waterloo in 2007. Part of the beauty of the Eurostar is the ability to travel from city center to city centre, allowing you to skip the airport and begin your holiday or business meeting as soon as you arrive. With quick changes in Paris, Brussels or Lille, passengers can reach over 100 European cities by train, and over 150 million travelers have used the Eurostar since its inception.

Below you can find information on the running times, Eurostar cheap tickets and Eurostar prices, along with ticket types and best time to book and a downloadable version of the Eurostar timetable.

The standard class for all Eurostar trains include air-conditioning and spacious carriages, food and drink is available to purchase on the train and passengers can use the free WiFi throughout the whole of St. Pancras station before departure. Passengers wishing to upgrade can do so, subject to availability, upon arrival to the station for seats with extra legroom, complimentary magazines, and meals. There are luggage racks in each carriage on the train. Seat reservation on the Eurostar is available during the purchase process if desired.

Eurostar Services

While Eurostar trains provide a great way to travel from the UK to continental Europe, Eurostar tickets are not cheap. Many different types of traveler take Eurostar trains- from North Americans beginning a Europe trip to corporate travelers who appreciate being able to get into the center of town quickly and efficiently without transfers or requiring transport from the airport. Eurostar trains connect London with Paris, Brussels, Lille, and Amsterdam, making them a popular alternative to flying between cities in Europe. Eurostar trains' onboard services include dining cars and electrical sockets at your seat. There is no need to arrive significantly ahead of time since you can check in 30 minutes before your train. Should you wish to arrive with time to spare, there are shops and cafes in the departure lounge and complimentary refreshments in the Business Premier lounge.

Eurostar Tickets

Passengers can opt for Standard or Standard Premier Eurostar tickets, which both include up to two bags of luggage for free, or Business Premier tickets, which includes flexible tickets, dedicated ticket offices, 10-minute check-in, and a taxi booking service. There are sometimes special Eurostar offers on fares and there are two loyalty programs available: Eurostar Plus Points for leisure travelers and Eurostar Frequent Traveler for business passengers.

Ticket Types

  • Standard Ticket Type - This is usually the cheapest ticket type and includes free WiFi from the station as well as seat selection on the train.
  • Standard Premier - Mid-level ticket type, slightly more expensive than the standard ticket type, comes with the above benefits plus extra legroom.
  • Business Premier - This is the most expensive ticket type of the Eurostar tickets and includes extras such as more legroom and complimentary magazines and meals.

Eurostar Prices: The cheapest ticket type, the standard ticket, usually sell out the fastest. The morning and evening trains are more expensive, as are holiday evenings and Friday and Sunday afternoons. Booking to travel mid-week is usually the best time to find cheap Eurostar tickets.

Best Time to Book Eurostar Tickets

Eurostar tickets usually go on sale between 138 and 190 days before departure and purchasing tickets as far ahead of time as possible is the best way to get cheap Eurostar tickets. The Eurostar works on a seasonal basis, during the summer months between July and September trains go directly to Avignon, while during the winter months between December and April direct trains to ski resorts such as Aime-la-Plagne or Bourg St. Maurice are often available.

If while booking tickets with the Eurostar there is no seat selection option available it may be that the train is full. Although passengers can still book a ticket in this way, there is no guarantee of a seat. Seats may become available if there is a cancellation or a passenger does not show up for their journey.

Ask the Expert about traveling on the Eurostar

"When I travel on the Eurostar, I always take a good read, my headphones for any digital entertainment (and to block out any chatty passengers), a bottle of water and a snack in a tote bag that I can tuck under the seat in front. By the time you’ve settled in, flicked through a magazine and munched on some crisps, you’ll be in France!"

"I must give a shout out to the wonderful staff, who remain unflustered despite the thousands of passengers they deal with every day. On my last trip, even though I’ve travelled via Eurostar plenty of times, this so-called ‘professional’ traveller managed to leave her backpack at security. I only noticed as I sat down in my seat, 10 minutes before departure… yet, the helpful platform guard stayed calm (much calmer than me) and got the bag sent up without a fuss. Another happy customer!"

Emma Sparks, Deputy Editor at

At GoEuro we want to make traveling as fun and as stress-free as possible. That's why we teamed up with travel expert Emma Sparks to see what it's like to travel on the Eurostar. Click HERE if you would like to read more about her experience traveling by train from London to Paris.

Ask the Expert - FAQ about the Eurostar

What are the benefits of traveling on the Eurostar?

I’d argue that taking the Eurostar is one of the most relaxing and easy ways to travel internationally. These special trains (many of which are brand new or recently refurbished) take you from city center to city center, so no extra journeys to far-out stations required. The check-in process is simple and speedy, the staff are helpful, and the customer service is outstanding— particularly if you hit significant delays. Coaches are spacious, luggage allowance is generous and there is free WiFi and entertainment on board.

Are there any other ways to travel between London to Paris?

There are lots of options when it comes to traveling between London and Paris. Besides the Eurostar, you can fly direct from most of London's airports, with a number of different carriers; take a coach with the likes of Eurolines or FlixBus; drive through the Channel Tunnel (from Folkestone to Calais); or cross the English Channel by ferry (Dover to Calais and Portsmouth to Caen are popular routes).

How long does the Eurostar take to travel between London and mainland Europe?

Journey duration on the Eurostar depends on the final destination. Taking the Eurostar between London and Paris takes between 2:22 and 2:52 h; Eurostar journeys between London and Brussels takes between 2:01 and 2:20 h; while taking the Eurostar between London and Amsterdam takes between 4:38 and 5:55 h. Journey times are specified at the point of booking. Like any train, the Eurostar can be subject to occasional delays but you will always be notified of any disruptions. If you’re traveling to and from the center of each city, delays at either end will be minimal, potentially making Eurostar travel quicker than taking a flight.

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