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Buses in Europe

General Information about European Buses

Take the Scenic Route - Where Only the Bus Can Take You

We, at GoEuro, picked out the 10 routes across Europe which we think have spectacular views - making your bus journey more relaxing and entertaining. The routes which are accessible by bus have been selected based on their scenery. Whether its to catch a glimpse of the emerald sea along the coastal drive from Santander to Bilbao in Spain or to enjoy the natural beauty of the Scottish Isles from Edinburgh to Tarbert in the UK, there is a route to suit everyone.

We ranked the most scenic European bus tours, in no particular order, to inspire you for your next bus tour in Europe.

Scenic bus tours in Europe

Edinburgh - TarbertUK
147 miles
Santander - BilbaoSpain
47 miles
Bari - GallipoliItaly
118 miles
Grasmere - WindermereUK
9 miles
Xàbia - AlicanteSpain
86 miles
Gudvangen - BergenNorway
147 miles
Rome - TeramoItaly
108 miles
Stirling - CampbeltownUK
144 miles
Granada - MalagaSpain
77 miles
Lincoln - LouthUK
28 miles

*The average price was taken from GoEuro's internal data.

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Bus Companies in Europe
Most Popular Buses in Italy

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Travel by bus in Europe

Bus travel in Europe can be very advantageous as an alternative to traveling by train or flying, as buses and coaches often offer lower prices, comfortable journeys and regular connections. Bus markets in many countries throughout Europe were traditionally nationalized in the 20th century as large-scale transportation and infrastructure changed. Recently, several major countries have begun deregulating the bus market, allowing for private companies to offer competitive pricing and routes that have helped to make bus travel so easy and cost effective throughout the continent.

In the UK, this began in the early 2000s when MegaBus began low priced tour services in direct competition with the previously nationalized provider, National Express. Until 2013, the German market was closed to only the Deutsche Bahn, the country’s nationalized rail operator, which was the only company authorized to offer new regular domestic routes. Since January 2013, any company is allowed to enter the market on the condition that offered connections open at least 50 kilometers (30 miles) apart and does not compete with Deutsche Bahn. France is following suit, and the French bus market will likely follow a similar success model as Germany, with buses growing in popularity, particularly amongst students and young people.

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Bus Companies in Europe

FlixBus, Ouibus, Flixbus and Student Agency are among Europe’s major long-haul bus companies, offering both domestic and international services. The largest, however, is Eurolines, which connects over 600 destinations all across Europe and Morocco, from Sicily right up to Helsinki. Eurolines and National Express in the UK to provide services within England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. In local areas, regional and urban transit buses are also available and will vary according to local services. In many rural areas, these services may be essential when connecting to larger cities or towns.

Alsa: ALSA or Automóviles Luarca, S.A. is the primary bus company in Spain. Most Alsa buses are equipped with WiFi, Air Conditioning, onboard restrooms, and power outlets at every seat. Since 2005, Alsa has functioned as a Spanish subsidiary of National Express.

Avanza: Avanza is a Spanish bus company primarily operating out of Madrid. Avanza buses travel between Madrid and other major cities in Spain including Valencia, Barcelona, Zaragoza, and Salamanca as well as Portugal's capital city, Lisbon.

Baltour: Baltour, a subsidiary of Eurolines, is the main bus company in Italy and the Adriatic zone. Baltour travels to over 500 destinations across 17 Italian regions and 23 European countries. Over 4 million passengers travel with Baltour every year.

BusCenter: Buscenter is one of Italy's main bus companies, combining 5 different bus lines under one brand. Segesta, Interbus, Onbus, Etna Trasporti and Sicilbus all operate as BusCenter in Italy and abroad. BusCenter's head office is located in Palermo and also offers a regional transport service in Sicily which connects to Italy's mainland.

Ecolines: Ecolines is a popular bus company that operates primarly in Poland, BeNeLux, eastern Europe, the Baltic states, and Russia. Ecolines uses Berlin, Hamburg, and Warsaw as transport hubs. Ecolines destinations include Amsterdam, Kiev, Minsk, Odessa, Moscow, and Saint Petersburg.

Eurolines: Eurolines is a network of 29 cooperating bus companies from all over Europe founded in 1985 and headquartered in Brussels. Eurolines buses cover all of Europe traveling to 600 destinations. Eurolines is a major method of travel between neighboring European countries. Bus services vary depending on the specific country due to Eurolines decentralized business model.

FlixBus: FlixBus is the leading bus company in Germany and is now rapidly expanding its coverage across Europe. FlixBus also operates nationally in France, Italy, and the Netherlands as well as international routes to cities in the UK, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, and the Czech Republic.

Hellö: Hellö buses travel to 24 destinations across 6 countries in central Europe. Hellö buses offer routes to Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Munich, Stuttgart, and Karlsruhe in Germany; Prague and Ceske Budejovice in the Czech Republic; Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, Innsbruck, and Villach in Austria; Ljubljana and Maribor in Slovenia; Zagreb in Croatia; and Milan, Venice, Verona, Genoa, Bolzano, Udine, and Trieste in Italy.

National Express: National Express is the main bus company in the United Kingdom. National Express also offers buses in Spain, Portugal, and Germany as well as long-distance buses which travel throughout Europe.

Ouibus: Ouibus is one of the largest bus companies in France, operating over 180 routes both throughout the country and internationally. Ouibus offers numerous routes from major French cities like Paris, Lyon, Lille, Nantes, and Bordeaux as well as traveling to Turin and Milan in Italy, Geneva in Switzerland, Barcelona in Spain, London in the UK, Brussels in Belgium, and Rotterdam and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

RegioJet: RegioJet (the rebranded name of Student Agency) is the main bus company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. RegioJet also offers international connections to other European destinations including London, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Paris, Budapest, Rome, Naples, Venice and Zurich.

Bus Facilities and Services

The bus and coach industry in Europe has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and now many providers run modern fleets with comfortable, reclining seats, WiFi and air-conditioning for low rates. Further facilities and services can vary according to the bus provider and country. Many long-distance coaches will also offer onboard toilets as well as comfort seating, which can be found on almost all providers. However, in some European countries, you are likely to also find different service classes, refreshments, power sockets at each seat and entertainment services on some coaches. Long-haul trips will often provide scheduled stops at a variety of services along the route. Most bus providers offer a luggage policy, and if bringing any extra luggage or sports equipment, such as a bike, it is best to check with the company before booking as many buses will not carry a bicycle on international services.

Where to travel during your time in Europe

Are you planning to travel while in Europe? If so, check out the interactive map below with the best day trips and weekend getaways from Europe's most popular cities by bus and train.

The journey prices were taken on GoEuro.com on the 7th November 2017 for a one way ticket one month in advance of the trip. The prices may be subject to change.

The prices were taken on the 21st November 2017 originally in euros and converted into the applicable currencies for each country.

Most Popular Buses in Europe

Bus services vary across Europe according to provider and destination. Travelers can expect services ranging from transit buses to comfortable coaches, short distance connections to long-haul services, and overnight journeys on select routes. Many bus operators provide scheduled bus times that are similar or at the same time each day, making planning last minute trips easy, as well as making pre-booking possible to ensure there is a space on the bus. Peak and off-peak times usually are not applied to bus services in the same way as trains; however, prices can vary according to the popularity of a particular service.

Check the most popular destinations and routes in each country of Europe.

Most Popular Buses in Italy

Most Popular Buses in Spain

Most Popular Buses in United Kingdom

Most Popular Buses in Germany

Most Popular Buses in France

More Buses in Europe

Facilities & Services for Major Bus Companies

Many companies operate modern fleets with comfortable, reclining seats, wifi and air-conditioning. Compare the services available.

Further facilities and services may vary according to the transport company and country of operation.

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